Licious.org or what I randomly named the Sugar and Spice Network is a humble collective that belongs to a certain Ren, housing several sites which portray herself, her hobbies and her interests.

Unfortunately, as real life was determined to make me spend less time for what I call "hobbies", I have to say that I decided to put this domain on an indefinite hiatus. Indefinite means that I would come back and go anytime I could, while hiatus means that you can't expect BIG FAT updates from me for the time being. I will keep my fanlistings updated, check my emails, go on twitter, visit your sites/shrines etc etc but yeah. No new stuffs from me unless I say so.

Dearest visitors, a great bunch of thanks to you for your attention and support for me and my sites. I decided to depart with this unlikely hiatus layout as a wholeheartedly gratitude to you. At least there's something to be memorized for you while I'm away from the webdesign world! :)

Ren 07/22/10 website tracking hits • amassment