network. is a small collective, and it probably will remain the same for the time being, as I have made the hiatus decision official. At first, my purpose of getting a domain was for fanlistings and art portfolio, but I've come to a realization that I should work on shrines more than just creating numerous, mere fanlistings, because I feel like I can voice out my love for the subjects better that way—except that I am not a good writer.

Raison d'Etre

is my baby, my pride and joy. It is my online way to define L.O.V.E to the sweet relationship between Allen Walker and Lenalee Lee of D.Gray-man. This site will be updated in the future, but it will take a long time as the series is ongoing and being released monthly.
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is a tribute to the amazing yet underrated, most-bashed female character from D.Gray-man—that would be Miss Lenalee Lee. I created this shrine as a pathetic attempt in defending her and showing some love to an adorable girl and her art of kicking people's butts.
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Doubt & Trust

is currently a one-paged shrine to Allen Walker, the main character from D.Gray-man. I have plans to expand this little tribute into something bigger, because I find it really hard to talk about Allen in only one page.
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Miss Independent

is a one-page shrine to Seth Nightlord of Trinity Blood, made for a shrine marathon. Seth is a lady of mystery, and love. The shrine presents my analysis and view on her character.
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